He avenged his dead father.

The new rule holds good in this case.

Howard told everyone to sit down.

Don't make me change that policy.

Tarmi doesn't know who painted that picture.

Just imagine that every time somebody made a grammar mistake, people only could answer "Syntax error." and leave the somebody with that.


I've been looking for a girl like you.


Your coat is very beautiful.

He thinks that you need to sleep more.

Rephrasing the well-known principle of Shaw in conformity with Tatoeba, one can say: "Make up a sentence that even a fool can translate, and only a fool would like to translate it."


He gave up taking part in the marathon on account of his cold.

He's force-feeding his goose.

They moved the date of the party forward.


I just want some bacon, that's all.

Hank was at Harvard the same time I was.

Barney couldn't get Sarah to tell him why she was unhappy.

Please do not forget.

For all his faults, I like him.


Stay close to us.

It's so pointless to ask for something that you yourself can get!

She gave her oath that she would not drink.

I can't wait to get a copy.

Elizabeth can't buy a car.

I thought I could deal with it.

I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet.

I've missed you very much.

The chemical symbol H expresses hydrogen.

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It was approved.

Can I see him now?

It's not new.

The majority of the successful candidates were university graduates.

You can get a better look over here.

Rudy was due here three hours ago.

What's your favorite subject at school?

Earnie has been fired.

You'll do what she says and you'll succeed.

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Thanks for the invitation, Harvey.

I threw it in the river.

Tharen had his fortune told.

Look into my eyes.

Do you have a little bigger one than these?


Delbert's flight leaves at 2:30.


Many Americans did not have jobs.

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They looked as if they would cry.


You have one minute to decide.

They'll be watching you.

It'll happen quite quickly.


He transferred his office to Osaka.

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When many enemies appear in front of you, look back, you have many allies as well.

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What do you find attractive about her?

We have an hour's recess for lunch from twelve to one.

If you do not know his language, you will never understand a foreigner's silence.


I told Mehrdad you weren't going to be there tomorrow.

Hummus is a dip or spread made from chickpeas.

This is so good.


Let's set up a sign here.


Are you fast enough?

We went to see turtles on the beach.

Your airplane is ready.

I asked Tollefsen what he was doing.

I love my woolly hat.

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Randy has been waiting for it.

Let's hurry to be in time for the meeting.

Knapper is a wonderful teacher.

Do you read lips?

Jose didn't know you were joking.


Why don't you tell me why you're really here?

We really shouldn't have carpooled with Kirk.

I'm going to need someone to help me.

Dustin mistook Gil's singing for a cry of agony.

What do you expect to happen?

Since happiness doesn't exist, we have to strive to be happy without it.

Losing their breadwinner was a shock to that family, but the insurance money helps a lot.


It's my favorite language.

Van listens to inspirational CDs, and has a list of motivational quotes on the back of his bedroom door.

I'm thinking of changing majors.

We're getting pretty good at doing this.

Give me the next one.


I'm able to ski.

Please estimate your best price and the earliest delivery date.

I was astonished at sight of him.

I don't agree with you at all.

She looked ill.

We're ready to help you.

The girl playing the piano is my sister.

Send it to me as a compressed file.

Do you live in Portugal or in Brazil?

I cannot lie on the grass. We are at the royal palace!

Look at that one there.

Do fish have vocal chords?

They will harvest their wheat in July.

My girlfriend still doesn't know my parents.

Is it safe to eat this?


Damon says he's good at cooking.

Ramon doesn't need to be told that.

I'm turning thirty this October.

In addition to being a physician, he was a master pianist.

My health makes me a very slow worker.


It was me who told Evelyn that.


The boy cannot have stolen my umbrella.

I thought you'd been notified.

Do you have a pen or pencil?

My father is too busy to take a walk.

Something's wrong with the engine.


It is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.

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He is quite a savage.

Deaf-mute people can use sign language to communicate.

I may be able to find him.

Were you really in Boston?

Masanobu spent the afternoon messing around in his garage.

Louiqa splashed himself with cold water.

We're on strike because the company hasn't improved our wages.

I knew Mat was shy.

You mustn't enter here.

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He showed great skill at baseball.


He flattered himself that he was the best actor.


There are few customers today.

Betty challenged me to a game of tennis.

I'm exhausted after that long trip.


He has a natural bent for music.

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Marsh is one of the busiest guys I know.

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The boy is his father in miniature.

Earl is capable of doing such a thing.

As incredible as it may seem, she ordered a knuckle of ham with sauerkraut.

We didn't back down.

You can let go of me now.

I'm not able to make clear how I am feeling.

He has been living in the cabin by himself for more than ten years.

I don't have time to take any more pupils.

Beatings foster prudence.

When did you come back from Boston?

This test will gauge your reading comprehension.

Why does everyone think Pim is the father of Tigger's child?

We hope to come to an accord with them about arms reduction.

Angela lost his passport.

I need to find out where Julius is right now.

Put him in.

Why are you making such a big deal out of it, huh? Just suck it up already!

Please put on this gown.

Can you arrange a meeting with the vice president?


I haven't seen you for ages. Do you remember when I saw you last?

Carlo learned from his mistakes.

Please don't move these tables.

We lost sight of her in the crowd.

You're free to go, of course.

Now that's a problem.

I don't for a moment doubt your honesty.

Metin stepped into the candlelight.

He must strive to find a solution.

I didn't like it.

It wasn't always like this.

He is above cheating in examinations.

He wined me and dined me and then wanted to take me to bed!

How many years did Alexander rule?

How badly do they want it?

You made him very happy.

That'll never do.

I have a question.

Please come back inside.


I'll ask my grandfather to take me there during the next summer vacation.

I think Ed will enjoy this.

You've abused my trust.

I believed I was doing the right thing.

It is a disease that can't be prevented.


I looked round me. I was on what seemed to be a little lawn in a garden, surrounded by rhododendron bushes, and I noticed that their mauve and purple blossoms were dropping in a shower under the beating of the hail-stones.